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Issue 11 • December 2021

As we enter into a new year with the lessons from COP26 and the arrival of a new Covid variant, it’s time for the apparel industry to take stock and decide what success will look like moving forward.

The COP26 conference highlighted it really is now or never if we want to change the world for the better, however the apparel industry came under fire once again for being one of the world’s big polluters.

In 2022 fashion brands, retailers and every aspect of the supply chain will need to choose more sustainable processes and aim to deliver eco-friendly end products. For the sector to stay relevant it will need to take all of the criticisms on board and transform futuristic plans into actions sooner rather than later.

For this reason we’ve dedicated this issue to the climate fashion crisis with a mixture of in-depth features and comment pieces on how the industry is already succeeding as well as what it can achieve in the near future.

We find out apparel companies’ latest strategies for clean energy and energy efficiency, reveal what the Glasgow Climate Pact made at COP26 really means for our sector and ask an expert panel if the fashion industry is really doing enough?

Plus, in an exclusive interview, UK vertical fashion manufacturer David Nieper, shares how it is driving a new fashion labelling system that will inform consumers about the emissions ranking of any garment prior to purchase.

We hope this issue gives you food for thought and optimism for the future.

Laura Husband, managing editor