One of the biggest opportunities thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic has been surging demand for face masks and protective garments, and the fashion supply chain has wasted no time in mobilising its production facilities to help address global shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). In this issue of just-style magazine we look at other ways in which the industry is responding, and how research has ramped up to develop new technologies that tap into growing demand for antimicrobial, virus and bacteria killing fibres and fabrics.

The pandemic has also put a sharp focus on the need to restart the fashion supply chain with an emphasis on trust, transparency and traceability – and we set out some of the ways the sector must be willing to change.

Already underway are a number of ambitious projects aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the textile and clothing industry, which we highlight with a roundup of ten material innovations reshaping the future of fashion.

And with just a decade left to deliver on some of the fashion industry’s climate change commitments, concerns are mounting that current efforts to slash emissions are likely to be too little, too late. Which is why now is the time for the sector to double-down on turning promises into action.

Leonie Barrie, Editor