Colour me guilt free

The dyeing of fabric which brings to life the vibrant and alluring colours of delicate lace products, is a resource intensive process. Colouration impacts carbon emissions and produces up to 20% of the world’s wastewater.  

For consumers that are looking for exciting hues of lace without the harmful impacts of colouration, one of the world’s largest lace manufacturers is introducing a guilt free solution.

a 100% Natural Dye Solution

With a genuine commitment to sustainability, Noyon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. offers the world’s first 100% natural dye solution to be certified with the ‘Eco Dye Standard’ by the Control Union.

Planetones stands impressive against its traditional synthetic dye counterpart, saving approximately 30% on water and 15% on energy. It also significantly reduces chemical load on effluent.

For customers, the question is about quality and colour range. Can tea leaves, fruits, or flowers produce the same shade of colour every single time?

Planetones counters concern over colour variety, quality and consistency, that have traditionally constrained natural dyes. The solution shows impressive test scores on colour matching (85%-95%), repeatability (90%-95%) and colour fastness, the fabric’s resistance to colour change or its transfer on to adjacent material.

As for its colour palette, Planetones offers 32 exciting shades from cranberry red and turmeric yellow to nude colours extracted from tea leaves.

What’s more, Noyon’s sustainable solution has broad applicability, enabling customers to source multiple components that are also naturally dyed. Planetones and its Intellectual Property will be extended to MAS' supply chain partners manufacturing elastics, fabric and other accessories, enabling MAS to offer customers a fully naturally dyed garment.

Noyon also complies with several other sustainable standards, such as the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List—Level 1, Oeko-Tex as well as a Transaction Certificate from the Control Union.

Established in 2004, Noyon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. is a part of MAS Holdings, partnering with global lingerie, sleepwear and performance wear brands. Noyon currently has production bases in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China.

For inquiries contact:

Sunesh Rodrigo
General Manager - Sales and Marketing
Mobile: 0773526972

Rukmal Wijesinha
Deputy General Manager - Compliance & Sustainable Business
Mobile: 0777737952