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Issue 13 • September 2022

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From rising inflation to an ongoing war in Ukraine – the period of uncertainty that started with the pandemic back in 2020 is continuing to sweep across the globe.  

The devastating floods in Pakistan, which is the world’s fifth largest producer of cotton, only highlights why it is so incredibly important for all industries, and especially highly polluting ones such as apparel, to not drop the ball when it comes to tackling climate change.  

In this issue Just Style explores who’s leading the eco charge within the fashion industry and what we can learn from those who are succeeding. 

In an exclusive comment piece, Gherzi Textil Organisation’s partner, Bob Antoshak, asks: is sustainability sustainable when considering the realities of today’s economy?  

Thankfully, he points out the work of NGOs hasn't slowed. If anything, he says the industry's supply chain issues over the past couple of years underscore the importance of sustainability. 

Peter Needle, president at supply chain management software specialist Segura suggests environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are now critical for all companies across all industries. He believes consumers are giving priority to products that have little to no social or environmental impact so for the apparel sector to thrive it will need to address these topics head-on. 

Circularity continues to be a focus for the entire apparel supply chain and carbon neutral fibre regeneration tech company, Infinited Fiber Company, explains how brands are deviating from vague green claims and are seeking concrete solutions. 

Finally, China is probably not the first country that springs to mind when it comes to sustainability, but environmental damage is becoming a growing concern for its fashion consumers. In this issue Just Style investigates how this change in perception has created an opportunity for Chinese fashion brands that can demonstrate both sustainable manufacturing and sourcing processes. 

We hope you enjoy the issue! 

Laura Husband, managing editor