Welcome to Just Style’s first issue of 2023

In this edition we’ll be exploring the world of technology and how it can be used to streamline and enhance operations throughout the fashion supply chain as well as create some excitement to boost end consumer sales. 

Our digital twins feature reveals how digital reproductions of real-life clothing are being used to create and test designs. It also explores how personalisation can be enabled at scale with the likes of Spanish fashion retailer Zara and German sports brand Puma reaping the rewards.  

At the opposite end of the spectrum, virtual fashion influencers are on the rise. And it’s easy to see why when the controversy over rapper and ex-Adidas partner Kanye West’s ‘antisemitic’ remarks late last year put Adidas and its Yeezy sneaker collaboration in a compromising position. In fact, the sports brand said at the time it expected “to have a short-term negative impact of up to EUR250m (US$264m) on the company’s net income in 2022 given the high seasonality of the fourth quarter”.    

As a result, Just Style investigates the risks versus the rewards of fashion brands using real influencers versus experimenting with virtual ones. 

Artificial intelligence is another technology that is growing in popularity throughout the fashion supply chain, however Gherzi Textil Organisation partner, Robert P. Antoshak argues there are costs that need to be considered in his extremely insightful comment piece.  

Finally, finding ways to improve sustainability is essential. In an exclusive interview with Spanish fashion retailer Mango, Just Style uncovers how the company is working with its vendors to boost circularity and transparency across its supply chain. 

We hope you enjoy the issue!  

Laura Husband, managing editor