News in Numbers


Pulp maker Suzano has taken a 15% stake in speciality textile and non-woven fibre supplier Lenzing in a deal valued at €230m ($247.3m). Suzano acquired the stake from B&C which is the current majority shareholder.


The National Retail Federation’s retail monitor revealed a jump in US retail sales during May. Clothing and accessories stores saw a 1.44% month-over-month increase and a 6.24% year-over-year uptick.


US cargo ports are braced for the busiest import period in nearly two years this summer with monthly inbound cargo volume at major container ports forecast to reach its highest level since 2022.


UK-based clothing makers saw revenues fall by 40% in the first quarter of 2024 according to figures from the Unleashed Manufacturers’ Health Index. However, there was a marked improvement in year-on-year performance for clothing.


A new study suggests removing the de minimis exemption on US imports would cost consumers and businesses more than $10bn and would disproportionally impact low-income households.