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Issue 10 • September 2021

In this issue, which marks my first digital edition as editor, myself and the incredible Just Style team have explored the ever-evolving world of retail. 

The pandemic has without doubt changed the face of retail for apparel. Every part of the supply chain - from brands and retailers to manufacturers and farmers - have re-evaluated what does and doesn’t work during localised and global lockdowns. The challenges of the past 18 months needed to be overcome quickly and efficiently and new technologies have provided us with a number of innovative solutions. 

Over the following pages, you will discover the key trends to watch within apparel retail. From seasonless fashion to direct-to-consumer business models and advances in 3D body imaging. 

We also ask the experts to share their opinions on the role that tariffs play within US apparel and footwear retail today. Plus, we take a closer look at what we can learn from two leading apparel companies who have always been ahead of the curve with their own transformational strategies. 

Finally, we investigate whether artificial intelligence or the internet of things could be buzzwords to watch within the apparel retail sector moving forward. 

We hope you enjoy the issue and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for upcoming editions - email

Laura Husband, editor