In this issue, Just Style delves into the world of Cloud PLM (product lifecycle management) software solutions. We uncover the functionalities designed to tackle fashion clients’ ever-evolving needs. We also reveal how it can be used to improve cost savings, sustainability and transparency. 

Plus, a recent report suggests AI could be a $908.7bn opportunity for apparel and retail by 2030 so we find out how the sector could benefit. Given the words ‘digital’ and ‘fashion’ now sit side by side, Just Style also speaks to fashion experts to find out what a totally immersive, inclusive and sustainable digital retail experience could look like in future.  

It is hoped legislation will eventually give all fashion supply chains a level playing field, however right now there is a lot of confusion. Just Style shares a must-read guide on what it all means and how the rules differ by country. 

Finally, we investigate whether robots could eventually take over almost all production steps in clothing manufacturing.  

We hope you enjoy the issue!  

Laura Husband, managing editor