As the apparel sector navigates major upheaval from the competing issues of sustainability, changing consumer habits, legislation and political tensions across the world, Just Style’s last issue of 2023 asks experts from across the supply chain to share their predictions for 2024. 

The next 12 months could be difficult for sourcing executives, so we also take a closer look at the obstacles that will need to be overcome.  

Diversification away from China remains a key apparel sourcing theme. Just Style explores how this is impacting China’s fashion exports market and what fashion manufacturers are doing to overcome this global shift.  

COP28 provided fresh insights on climate change but the sustainability world operates in a bubble, argues Gherzi Textil Organisation partner Robert Antoshak. He explains how organisations like Textile Exchange can help the industry to burst it and implement real environmental change. 

We hope you enjoy our last issue of 2023 and we'll see you again in 2024!

Laura Husband, managing editor